Daan Aeyels


2021 - Senior Advisor Welfare and Health Policy @ The Knowledge and Lobby Centre - www.voka.be

Voka – the Flemish network of companies is the largest and closest network of entrepreneurs in Flanders. We are an organization of, for and by entrepreneurs in Flanders. Together we are working on an optimal framework for free and successful entrepreneurship in Flanders. As the voice of companies, entrepreneurs and their employees, we make their interests known and defend them up to the highest policy level. To this end, Voka vzw has set up the most effective knowledge center and the most powerful lobby and communication services. Voka represents entrepreneurs in stakeholder committees at multiple governance levels.


Very specific is the Health Community in which over 600 profit and non-profit companies are brought together with knowledge centres and patient associations to exchange ideas and best practices in bottom-up initiatives and learning networks. The health community published on value based healthcare, innovation & digitalisation, staff shortages and health insurance.

Find us at www.healthcommunity.be


2021 - Professor @ uHasselt - Master in System and Process innovation in healthcare - www.uhasselt.be

Full master program to train healthcare engineering professionals. As a healthcare engineering professional, you must be able to keep abreast of scientific insights and innovations. You must be able to analyse data and concepts quickly and decisively. You learn to search for new knowledge independently, to process it and, where necessary, to generate it.


Healthcare engineers work together with the relevant stakeholders on strategic and operational challenges in healthcare, focusing on person-centred care. They facilitate, from a bridging position between technical experts and care providers, the conceptualisation and innovation of care processes and systems in transdisciplinary cooperation.

Find us at www.uHasselt.be


 2018 - 2021 - Manager @ Centre for Cardiovascular Diseases - www.uzbrussel.be

The Centre for Cardiovascular Services includes four medical and nursing units (Cardiology, Heart Rhythm Management Center, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery) offering both in and outpatient care, research and training. The aim is to offer the best possible quality of care to 40,000 patients annually. As an international university expertise centre, both acute and chronic care are organized in close collaboration with referring general practitioners, hospitals, home care organizations and patient associations. The high-tech environment focuses on innovation, automation, information flow and patient involvement to achieve continuous improvement. H2020 research projects on AI and evidence-based decision-making were developed in collaboration with VU Brussel.

Key numbers (2020 vs 2017):

  • Employees:193 (+ 2.9%)
  • Outpatient care patients: 28 298 (+ 28%)
  • Inpatient care patients: 4 833 (+ 10%)
  • Revenu: €30 288 084. (+9,0%)
  • Net result: €8 385 621 (+19%)
  • 5-year investment budget: €18 000 000

2006 - 2018 - Research Fellow @ Leuven Institute for Healthcare Policy - www.kuleuven.be

Researcher on Care Pathways for Acute Coronary Syndrome (CP4ACS) quality improvement project funded by the European Pathway Association (E-P-A.org) in 15 hospitals, including all Flemish University Hospitals. The aim of the research project is to 1) select and validate quality indicators for patients admitted with Acute Coronary Syndrome, (2) evaluate the effect of evidence-based innovations by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Collaborative Model for Achieving Breakthrough Improvement (3) study the effect of in-hospital management on quality improvement.

Academic competences

  • Application of qualitative & quantitative research methods
  • Scientific writing & editing
  • Member of the Departmental Board
  • Member of the Alumni Board (nursing, medicine and pharmaceutical science)

Teaching assignments:

  • B-KUL-E06Y8B – Quality in medical practice
  • Care pathway masterclasses – focus on processes across teams and healthcare organizations
  • Supervision of research seminars and master theses in Nursing, Medicine and Pharmaceutics

Peer reviewed publications: